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SGL Jolly

SGL Jolly

Jolly may be compact, but it’s brimming with great features. The modern design includes a capacitive keypad. It’s available in a wide range of colours and the top-quality coffee it delivers every time will make Jolly the ideal focus for the ultimate coffee break. Jolly is compatible with all today’s leading capsules and what’s more, it can easily be customised to work with so called closed system capsules. It’s all you’ll ever need to have a Jolly coffee break! ... ... ...

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SGL Easy

SGL Easy

Some people want a ristretto, others prefer a caffelatte or enjoy a mocaccino... How can you satisfy all these desires with just one compact solution? Easy, you need EASY. EASY by name, easy by nature.

Six drink options offering a wide range of choice: espresso, long espresso, caffelatte, cappuccino, chocolate, mocaccino. Espresso coffee capsule (EP) plus two containers for instant milk and chocolate.

So many choices, so many opportunities to satisfy your customers and employees. EASY, not easy to do without.

Top quality features

  • First capsule OCS machine offering up to 6 drink selections
  • Full automatic service and new business opportunities
  • Two containers for instant products
  • Chipcard to manage selections

Design and technology

  • New design with a stylish user interface
  • Internal water tank empty has an on-screen message
  • Automatic dosage

Maintenance and capacity

  • Easy to access, manage and clean
  • Capsule waste container: 25 pcs
  • Water tank 3,6 lt

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